For Professionals

We offer services to support
Internal Capacity Building and
Client Team Recruitment to professionals.

We offer staffing solutions to young aspiring CAs venturing into practice and also to professional firms planning to scale up practice by providing trained paid assistants and articled clerks and also by managing their Recruitment & Selection Process.

Step 1

Collect the Requisition from the Professionals for Job Positions.

Step 2

Identify Suitable Candidates from existing talent pool with BossJobs.

Step 3

Screening & Evaluation to ensure that the resource is compatible to the Firm/Professional.

Step 4

On-boarding support and functional assistance for the Professionals.

Providing quality resources to your clients is a value addition which will be definitely be noticed and appreciated.
Our ‘full-lifecycle recruiting’ teams are extremely collaborative and can work with you and your client to manage their F&A team requirements.

Strategic orientation of existing workforce towards alignment of organizational and employee-individual objectives.

Interactive skill development programs and technical training sessions on accounting and finance functions from practical applications view point.