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We offer ‘full-lifecycle recruiting’ services as an end-to-end comprehensive solution for clients who are stretched for resources to handle and manage the recruitment & selection process.

Step 1

Curating a Job description

A consultative process where a BossJobs executive engages with company’s management and HR to develop a JD that suits the organization needs.

Step 2

JD Analysis & Criteria Mapping

Developing multi-parameter checklist as a criteria for a job description.

Step 3

Screening Process

Consultative process with HR Spock in assisting on the shortlisting process and screening process.

Step 4

Interview Assist

Setting up first round HR interviews to jumpstart the R&S process.

Step 5

Place the Candidate

Identify the candidates who are suitable and willing to offer to the company and who accepts the job offer. The company and who accepts the job offer.

Step 6

Be a Part of On-boarding

Facilitate the induction and be a part of the on-boarding process for the selected candidate.

With resources and time being a constraint, and the quality of the students being a major ‘X’ Factor, Campus Placements are a cumbersome activity for corporate HR teams.

We Provide end-to-end Solutions to facilitate “Campus connect, campus pooling and recruitment services” and facilitate the process of Campus hiring.

For existing workforce

An audit of finance & accounting function of the organization from a strategic and functional role definition perspective and conducting orientation of existing workforce.

Interactive skill development programs and technical training sessions on accounting and finance functions from practical applications view point.

Job Orientation for new recruits

An interactive & objective orientation session on job description, expectations and deliverables.

Strategic orientation of existing workforce towards alignment of organizational and employee-individual objectives.