Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQ

What is a Course?

A Course on this platform is a structured learning program with specified learning objectives. They could be either in a self learning mode, classroom based model, training workshop model or a combination of all of them.

How are these Courses useful to me?

All the Courses and Content on this Platform is designed specifically to provide training and enhance skills that can be applied in day to day working environment
For Commerce Students – Coaching Classes offered by professionals for CA & CWA; Career Guidance Modules, Workshops and Skill Development Modules.
For Job Seekers – Placement backed Training Programs, Skill Development Workshops, Career Guidance Modules.
For Professionals – Self Learning Modules, Training and Skill Development Workshops, Seminars that have utility in practice.

What is the duration of a Course?

The duration of each course is determined by the course author and shall be notified in the course details. There is no explicit duration for the self learning courses and can be finished at the convenient pace of the subscribers.

Who are the Course Authors?

Typically, Course Authors are the professionals and (or) subject matter experts who have practical knowledge and understanding of their subject areas.

How do I register for Courses?

An Applicant can select the course of his interest to pursue from the ‘Courses’ Tab and apply for the course. The applicant shall be admitted into the course only on filling the necessary details and making the course fee payment (If it is a paid course).

Would I get a certificate after the completion of the course?

If the programs are in the nature of Workshops and Self-paced learning modules, then participatory certificates would be awarded. However, for assessment based Courses, Merit Certificates shall be awarded only on clearing the module based assessments of all modules pending a stipulated period.

How do I access my Courses?

Candidates on successful registration/subscription to a course gets access to that course in the ‘My Courses’ tab.

When is an admission to a course confirmed?

The candidate shall be notified of the admission through mail and notifications. A BossJobs executive shall get in touch with the candidates to guide on the admission formalities as maybe required under the course

Would I be allowed to transfer my admission in a course to another person?

As it stands, such facility is not normally available for assessment based Certification Programs.
However, the course author may allow such transfer for workshops or participation training programs.

How are the courses conducted?

Details of course outline, course schedule, class timings and other relevant details shall be provided in the course description.
The schedule of contact classes/ webinars/live classes etc. shall be communicated to the students through mail and the Notice Board. Besides the class schedule, all the dates, time and venue of all major activities during the course shall be communicated to the students.

What are the criteria to pass an examination?

Each Course shall have its own pass criteria as decided by the course author. For further details contact the respective course author.

Are the courses available on this platform self-paced or classroom based?

The platform hosts both self-paced as well as classroom based training programs.

Is there content apart from courses that I can get access to?

Yes. the platform is designed for knowledge sharing as well as structured learning.

Is Bossjobs LMS affiliated to any institution?

BossJobs is an integrated platform for placements backed training and skill development. The certification programs offered maybe in-house, affiliated to independent trainers or academic institutions that meet the platform objective.

Are all the courses paid?

No. Some of the content modules and courses are FREE to access and view.

How do we make the payment for courses applied?

Course Fees can be paid online as well as through Cheque/DD. Details of Payment shall be provided in the respective Course Details.

Are the course fees refundable?

Course fees once paid will not be refundable under normal circumstances.

Do we have courses in multiple languages?

Currently, Our Course design is in English only. But some authors are exploring vernacular languages as well. We will get back to this issue shortly.

What are Course Assessments? Do I have multiple attempts if I fail in my assessment?

Course Assessments are tests designed to assess the learning takeaways of participants. Course Authors may include multiple levels of assessments based on their Course design. Normally, the participants get multiple attempts to clear assessments, unless specifically restricted in a particular course. However, the Certificate shall be awarded only on successful clearing of assessments

Do we have offline classes as well?

Yes. the platform hosts, online, offline and blended model courses

Can I directly reach out to Course Author?

Yes. The In-system communication systems lets you communicate with Course authors. You can use the Icon “Contact the Course Author” on the Course Details Page.

Would I be allowed to repeat classes again if i miss them?

Generally yes, but the final call decision on that will depend on the Course Authors.

What are the consequences if I fail to appear for an assessment?

Certain Courses have mandatory evaluative assessments in them. They need to be cleared for getting the Course Certificate. Please refer to the instructions for specific courses for the schedule of assessments and possibilities for re-test

Would I get the certificate just after the completion of my course?

Participatory Certificates maybe awarded in select workshops and courses. However, Merit Certificates will have to be necessarily earned through clearing the assessments conducted.

Can I easily get a job in my domain area once I complete my course?

The Courses Marked as “Placement Backed” are generally developed based on the employers feedback and requirements. Hence, The chances of getting a Job on the basis of this certification is very high. Also, provides assistance in career Planning and Placements.

Job Seeker FAQ

How do I access the Jobs on

If you are first time user, please register with us to access and browse through a database of curated and verified list of jobs.
Already registered? Then sign in using your registered mail ID and password.

How does Bossjobs help me in getting a Job?

For Seekers who are sure-footed, BossJobs is dedicated to build a spam free database of jobs to which candidates can apply and get started on their careers.

But for those who are confused, BossJobs plays a larger mentoring role in career counseling, career planning and guidance, Skill Training and Support, Interview preparation etc. and support in each step of the way. For more details refer to our services for Job seekers

How do I register with Bossjobs?

Registration is pretty easy.

You can create a User account by filling out your communication details. Also, you can login using Google or Facebook.

Is creating a user account with BossJobs sufficent to land a job?

Yes and No.

As a registered user can browse the jobs and access the platform. However a few more details (as required in the ‘Online Resume’) are to be filled in if you are applying for jobs. Further details such as education details, employment details, your key skills, resume, etc in your profile will definitely help employers assess you better and improve your chances of being shortlisted.

Why should I Create an 'Online Resume'?

Employers and Recruiters search through our database for candidates who meet their criteria such as qualification, education, experience and employment, skills etc. Not all of them care to download your resumes and look for these details. Details entered in your ‘online Resume’ serves the dual purpose of searching and also displaying all the information on the webpage without actually downloading your resume.

Can I partially fill my Profile information?

In your interest, the system currently does not allow part filling of information in the profile. a complete profile gives a best representation of your achievements and bolsters your chances of getting the desired job.

How do I login if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten the password of your account, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and an email is sent to your registered mail ID with instructions to reset you password.

You can login with the new password

Can I get some help in updating my profile?

Yes, drop a request with us through the contact us form, and we will get in touch with you. Alternatively, feel free to mail us

Employer FAQ

How do I Login as an Employer?

Our endeavour is to create a Spam-free Database that has high percentage of genuine Employers and Job Seekers. You can drop in your contact details and the response team will create an Employer Login, get in touch with you and orient you on how to use the BossJobs effectively.

When can I access the Resumes and Post Job requirements?

You can be a part of our network and start using the platform immediately after registration and generation of Employer ID.

How does 'Posting a Job' work on Bossjobs?

In order to meet the objective of spam-free database that captures high percentage of genuine requirements, all the requirements posted in the system are screened and verified by our Executive Team. The Executives will get in touch with you on a quick short call to ensure accuracy of details and also provide appropriate tags for optimal response. The Executive Team will update the Job Post on the Platform post verification.

Why can't I see the Job that I have posted just now?

In order to remain true to our objective of spam-free database, We verify all the data posted on the platform. So, your job requirement will be in ‘Pending Approval’ state with the executive team till verification and approval.

What is the average time for verification of a 'Job Post'?

Typically, the executives call back for on-boarding of a job requirement in 30 Mins to 2 hours.

What are the pre-requisites to post a Job?

Please visit the ‘Post a Job’ Form for comprehensive information on details required.

After posting the job, how many days till I get access to the talent pool?

Currently, There is no restriction on the access to the Resumes of the Candidates. Employers can browse the resumes that fit their requirement freely.

Is there a background check done on the candidates?

Background and reference check on candidates is an on-demand service that maybe offered based on Employer requirements.

Do you do campus recruitments on our behalf?

Yes, BossJobs leverages on its network of colleges and academic institutions to provide Campus Connect and Campus Pooling services to employers.

How does BossJobs support employers in finding suitable candidates?

We let the employers browse freely for resumes. However, for employers who would like support, we offer full-service recruitment, selection and on-boarding services. For further details, please visit ‘Services to Employers’

Course Author FAQ

What is the eligibility criteria to be a Course Author?

There is no explicit criteria for becoming a Course Author. However, the only basis being, professionals in practice, Experienced Corporate Leaders and academicians who can offer training and practical application of Skills are welcome to be a part of our network

Does BossJobs have a LMS?

Yes, BossJobs has an in-built Learning Management System (LMS) to support multi-media content, online assisted teaching and also online assessments.

How do I login to be a course author?

Our endeavour is to create a superlative content database that has high degree of coherence and utility to the end users. You can please drop in your details here and our response team will create a Course Author Login, get in touch with you and orient you on how to use the LMS platform of BossJobs effectively.

What is the benefit of offering courses on BossJobs?

For Starters, Authors can derive satisfaction of sharing knowledge with people who need it.

Apart from that, there is a scope to monetize the content by offering paid courses as well.

BossJobs as a platform has support in leads management, registration to the courses, course progress tracking, assessment modules, multi media content hosting, payment gateway integration among many other features that makes the job of course authors very easy. The platform also provides digital marketing support for the courses to generate awareness on them

Can I offer paid Courses on BossJobs?

Yes, There is no restriction on the monetization of the content. As a course author, you can offer multiple courses, free or paid, online, offline or blended model of delivery. You are free to design the course structure within the guidelines of our platform.

What are the modes of payment?

BossJobs supports online payment mode as well. The course author has the discretion to decide the payment mode.

How do I start with BossJobs?

It’s quite simple, drop your coordinates with us and the response teams will get in touch with you and get you started.

Is this platform only for acadamecians?

Absolutely not, quite contrary to that, this platform is for all those professionals who have acquired skills, knowledge and experience and are interested to share it with others.